A.E. Fletcher Photography has teamed up with Anna Akbari, Ph.D. of Closet Catharsis to bring you FOTO-FÊTE Premium.

How it works:

You provide the venue and invite the guests, and leave the rest to us. Our team will transform you and your guests with professional hair and makeup styling and a wardrobe consultation, and then we will send each of you off to your own professional photography session.

FOTO-FÊTE Premium parties can be the main event, or simply a day of preparation before a special event.

Amidst the makeovers and photo sessions, you and your guests can have exclusive access to upscale designer merchandise for your portraits, with the option to purchase these items at a reduced rate.

Spoil yourself.  Be beautiful.  Have fun.

For information about hosting, package options, and individual pricing, please contact us at info@foto-fete.com.

Premium Services